Update 2021: I stil use this too and think it is the most accessible by new users- I still enthusiastically and highly recommend it! Sure there are plenty of copycats out there, and many with some cool new features (read complex and hard to use) – but Trello WORKS and is sufficient for most everything.

Although my projects live on the web, my own personal Project Management style has taken a long time to transition from pad and paper to the web.  Paper just works so well.  However while managing multiple website projects I’ve learned the value of organization and communication.

As a web designer, I have to

  • work with multiple clients
  • keep multiple aspects of different projects organized.
  • break out must deliver what – like what I say I will do, and what clients say they will provide.
  • decide what is finished, and what is not
  • receive images and files from clients

A recent find:  Over the past 1 year I have adopted the as so far free project management tool called  Trello.  This is the 4th tool suite that I have tried to use, and the last one I will try for the indefinite future.


Trello emulates a project bulletin board with post-it notes.

Trello names individual projects boards.  I have a project board Alpha, board Charlie, and board Echo, and I add a new one for every project.  I add tasks to columns on my project boards, I organize them by task status, and I assign myself or other team members to individual tasks.

Each task can have a running conversation of comments, due dates,  and uploaded files associated with it.


I value and use Trello exclusively with multiple clients on a daily basis

New clients receive a request to join me on Trello and have complete access to make changes on the board, this allows:

  • clients to add new tasks and drag and drop tasks from one column to another.
  • visibility for my clients to see my current status
  • adds accountability for me as to what I promise to get done
  • reminds clients as to what they promise to provide
  • a running list of all conversation
  • a great place to upload images and documents

Trello matches all my needs in a way that is easy for my clients to jump right in to. and I appreciate the simplicity.

If you engage my services, you can expect to find our project on the Trello too.

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  1. Aidrick Brown says:

    It is heartening to know that Trello works perfectly for your projects. But there are other good solutions too. I would like to introduce here proofhub project management tool that enables organized management over projects in an easy manner. Progress made over projects can be precisely tracked. So these can be delivered on time and to the satisfaction of clients.

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