Operating a continuous Content Marketing Campaign for an engineering firm requires, well content.  Commenting about the day’s events is great, however, sometimes you need to offer some depth.  I’ve previously written about blog post ideas for engineering firms.  Below is an elaboration on content translation.

Translate Previously Published White Papers

White Paper to BLog PostI understand that you’ve had a ‘sign up for our newsletter’ and get access to the white paper campaign in the past- I agree, it is a great way to win some followers and find out who your potential clients are.  But, hiding your white paper is a detriment to your potential.

Slice the White Paper up into pieces

So as not to lessen the effect of your opt-in opportunity, break up your white papers into blog post size snippets- think 400 to 1000 words.  By themselves, these blog posts will not compete with your overall lead generation whitepaper, but they will

  • showcase to your reader what you are all about.
  • provide enhanced opportunity for full whitepaper download
  • give Google more content to link to

The Search Engine Opportunities for individual sections of your whitepapers is really, well, amazing.  As competition in the engineering and manufacturing space is limited, there are incredible opportunities for success.  This is because of your new post’s unique content, and its presence as a recent update to your website.  Nothing tastes better to Google than fresh content!!

A note about content duplication

You may have inherited this white paper from a previous employee, or from a different secondary source.  I urge you to search the web for the content of your white paper- and see if it exists, in some form, whether legal or not, on another website.  Why?

  • You can demand to have that content removed from a competitor’s website
  • You can find out if copy/pasting your ‘new content’ will look like duplicate content.

If you do find that your content already exists on the web or that Google has found your whitepaper on your website, you may want to consider rewriting each blog post and not literally transposing it from whitepaper to blog post.

PowerPoint Presentations as Blog Posts

PowerPoint PresentationsLike it or not, Power Point Presentations (designer) abound in our business culture- and you likely have 17 versions of ‘company presentation’ or ‘key points for implementation for customer XYZ’.  It’s time to get that thoughtful content you developed on the web.

Depending on content, would you consider each slide in your power point presentation something that you could elaborate on into a 400 word post?  What about 2 slides, or 6?  All the information and thought that your company has put into the presentation is already flushed out.

You can expound on individual slides (I pray you don’t READ them to your clients) by delivering what your vocal cords would say onto your blog post editor screen.

Summing it up

Re-purposing your existing client is one of the easiest methods to present WHO YOU ARE to your prospective clients.  Give them something they can use, or enough information for them to make a decision about you and your services.

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