Whenever I speak with a new client, I like to ask them if they would be willing to include their photos on the website.

Photos can of course go on a “who’s who bio page”, but …

they do better if they’re interspersed inside of a quote request form “contact Bob and get a quote” or, “Alice is an expert in her field, contact her today with the short form below and ask her your specific question about {your topic}.

Alas, the photos I receive are always, hmm, somewhere between bathroom selfies and flat 1986 flash bulb prints cropped to the corner.

So how do professionals take such great photography?

Some things are easy, to get 80% there, like good natural lighting, and decluttered, fairly solid backgrounds, but some awesome tips to make you look like a genius in the office?  Check out these tips and tricks videos below from a couple of headshot maestros hanging out on YouTube.

How to Shoot Headshots -Jane Williams

Headshots are about the Squinch! – Peter Hurley

Headshots are about the Jawline – Peter Hurley

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