We were pleasantly shamed today by a new client contact this morning.  We were asked if we were still in business because of the 9 month span between blog posts.  Ouch.  Really, OUCH.

We do publish every other day or 4 times a day in other outlets. And we made the mistake of letting our bread and butter brand languish!

I thought I’d do a quick round up of other posts written on my AkronOhioMoms website.  This website has its fans, social following, and my main outlet.

Just yesterday I published a new infographic that that we created in response to the start of the school year!


Here are a few popular articles that have had great success over 2016:



Akron History in 21 Pictures


With school back in session, my role as a mom relaxes a little and my blogging schedule becomes fast and furious.

Thanks for checking in with us!

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