As a designer, it is easy to get caught up in trends and copying what every one else does.  Seeking inspiration from new and old sources rejuvenates my brain and helps me to see things in new ways.

I borrowed two picture books from the Cuyahoga Falls Library last week. One was regarding the drawing of plant life through the centuries, and the other was man’s view of what the cosmos holds.  Both were heavy tomes showing artistry from the last 1000 years, much from the renaissance period in Europe when art was a popular ‘investment’ for the wealthy.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the pages.  The ink, the colors, the categorization of plants and the odd views of space and the planets.  It was all simply a trip through different centuries,  that is, until I found a Hillary Clinton caricature staring back at me.

Hillary Clinton as the North Wind
Hillary Clinton as the North Wind

This face was found in a 15th century wood cut, print, and what looks like a watercolor. The art is ascribed to Hartmann Schedel, a German living and working in 1493.

It’s not every day that you find a modern day presidential candidate blowing a cold wind through the cosmos. But today was one of those days.

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