I had a client that brought a problem to me earlier this summer.  They’d been trying in earnest to create a mobile responsive web template for their email newsletter and had been falling flat again and again.  How hard could this possibly be?

I was awarded to make a simple responsive email newsletter template for this client at the beginning of November.  I started by reviewing a number of responsive email templates.  I started with a list of 30 candidates that were published in July of 2014.  (See what I saw at SpeckyBoy) Bleeding edge, recent reviews, great!

But No.

What was unfortunate- all were ugly when viewed on n an Android Phone- Particularly new models running the Android OS  version 4.3 which came out mid-summer 2013.

With email, you really must have a andoid-centric mindset.  Many designers are snobbish, and think that iPhones are the end all be all of devices, but in fact Android users make up 62% of the market.  iPhone users are at 32%.  Design for the people!

One Mobile Responsive Template for Android and iPhones and Desktop Apps

Julie Ng of Munich Germany came up with a beautiful solution for a cross-device responsive template and shared it with the world in October  I found it through a trail of links in the Specky Boy article.

Julie developer Antwort.  This beautiful template is smaller than any other I have reviewed, is elegant in its delivery, and it uses media queries for changing graphics locations and sizes in the layout.

I have successfully deployed a mobile responsive email template using this tool for a local client, and plan on using this again and again in the future!!  If you need help in customizing this template to meet your needs, give me a ring! 330.835.7383




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