A new imaging product caught my eye this week. It is called Matterport– a 3D Imaging System intended for interior spaces.

What it does: Take Images with Depth Measurement of the interior of a structure (such as a home for sale) and spins a walkabout 3D model of the home and its contents. It can also create a floor plan.

Capture Your Space With Matterport from Matterport on Vimeo.

This concept is interesting to me because I had dreams of this very concept during my senior year as an electrical engineering student 17 years ago.  I of course had dreams of it looking like the Jedi training ball from the original Star Wars Movie.
jeditrainingRegardless, the camera is amazing (for sale at $4500 plus a monthly hosting fee) and will undeniably change the world of home sales in the near future.  Will every Howard Hannah office in Cleveland have a unit that their realtors use?  Will new technician roles for brokerage offices be crafted?  It’s hard to say, but this is way more than a photo.

Good job Matterport, I’m impressed.


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