3 Years ago we launched one of Mom-blogdom’s favorite WordPress plugins- the Giveaway Countdown.  This year, we’re releasing a new tool not to organize giveaway content, but to add more persuasion to your opinions and to make your blog posts look better!!

Exceptional Citings

Exceptional Citings is a new WordPress tool that empowers bloggers to add visual excitement to quotations in the form of images or headshots. The plugin, system and shortcode insertion tool makes adding exceptional citings very easy.

[exceptional-citing quoted=”cindy-on-the-beach-2013″ template=”elegant-reversed” date=”4/24/2013″ ]We’re so excited to bring this new tool to not only mom bloggers, but newsrooms, industry bloggers, and marketers of all types who recognize the value of putting a face to a name![/exceptional-citing]

Did you see that above?  That is Exceptional Citings at work!

Get a better view with the video below

We are currently looking for ten beta testers to try out this new tool.

How do you become a beta tester?  Simply browse through the features, and download the version 0.9.2.  We’ve had great success running the tool on the Twenty Thirteen theme as well as within the Genesis Framework- we’d love to hear your opinion.  We’ll be following up a week or two after your download to ask your opinions!

Thank you, Cindy and Matt Orley




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