Good Day All, there’s been some concerns lately about the Giveaway Countdown not working lately on some sites.  I can’t say why, exactly, but I do know that it’s time for an upgrade!

We’ve been working hard on bringing out the Giveaway Countdown Version 1.9.  What is in this new version?

  • Correctly working metadata- no more overflowing databases with blank records
  • Working Calendar Picker

Although the changes are few and not overwhelming in viewer benefits, this difference WILL make your web site developer and your web site host very happy.

What’s with Giveaway Countdown filling up database records?

In versions 1.8.1 and lower, our Giveaway Countdown plugin has been misbehaving.  The code was writing blank records to your wp_postmeta database table every time the widget was shown on your site.  If you count pageviews, this adds up quite quickly- and is just plain embarrassing for this developer.  Alas, all we can do is move forward!

Upgrading to Giveaway Countdown Version 1.9

In updating your plugin, it is suggested to clean your your database first.  If you’re savvy, do it yourself, if not, have your favorite developer help out.

To Clean your database of Giveaway Countdown Blank Records

  1. Backup your database
  2. Screen Shot your current giveaways so you can re-enter them.
  3. Uninstall the previous Giveaway Countdown plugin.
  4. Customize and Run SQL query from your phpmyadmin console after hours
    1. DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = ‘enddate’
    2. DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = ‘shortname’
    3. NOTE: Because there may be, well, millions of records, each of the above might take a long time with your database.  And, your web browser could time out.  This doesn’t mean there was a failure, it just means that it is taking too long.  Because it’s such a major effort on the part of your database- we recommend you do this after hours.

To Install the new Giveaway Countdown version 1.9

  1. Install the new Giveaway Countdown version 1.9
  2. Go to the Giveaway Menu, and the License Tab- Enter the email address and API key provided to you.
  3. Reset the Widget Settings
  4. Reset the Ending Dates (and possibly prize names) of all your current giveaways in the proper directory.
    1. If you’re upgrading from 1.5 or earlier, do know that you no longer use custom fields- there is a entry box on the page.

  SO, where is it?

We are slowly rolling the giveaway countdown widget version 1.9 to our previous buyers at no cost.  All new buyers will also receive this latest version (although we have not yet updated the sales page) .  If you have not yet purchased a license, we suggest you do to get the improved database functionality!!

Last year we had all interested buyers sign up for a newsletter to get the latest upgrade.  If you don’t recall signing up, or you just can’t wait, contact us with the contact form in the sidebar and note your original purchasing email address.



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