Creating new and revamping websites for my clients is what I do for a living. I’ve been blessed with nearly constant business, and have learned so so much about my industry and those of my clients. Through all this time I’ve managed to create just two iterations of the Remarkable Team portfolio / sales website.

In 2008, I created a starter portfolio website with a downloaded free open source WordPress theme from a new theme provider called StudioPress. The theme was basic, I had very little idea on how to customize it to make it my own, and, worst off, it ran slow and unfortunately, did not run at all in Internet Explorer. It was really a failure.

I had created WordPress sites on my own before, but not at the level at which I wanted this one to succeed.

In 2009 I purchased a glossy and shiny HTML template that I barely customized to create my new portfolio site. It ran fast, and looked sleek. But I added to it only 2 to 3 times over the course of its life. And, I am embarrassed to say, that that site still exists now as I write this first post for the new incarnation of

Why I did not keep up with the site and why I must change

My business, quite frankly, has changed since its inception.

My service list certainly has changed

and what I specialize in isn’t even evident on the old site.

But keeping up with a portfolio site seems like a bore. Why update it when business is still coming in? Why struggle through re-identifying all of the right size images to create a new entry on the portfolio page? That will blow a whole afternoon when I have deadlines to manage!

An 80% share (and growing) of my web design business revolves around the WordPress Content Management and Blogging system. I tell my clients that they MUST blog, they MUST create new content. My wife CONSTANTLY writes articles on AkronOhioMoms and I never see a successful site UNLESS there is new content available.

Why on earth would I continue with an outdated website with no new content?

Time to take my own medicine.

Time to start writing,

Time to win clients the way I suggest others  win clients.

Thanks for reading my first post…. Had to start somewhere.

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