Remarkable Team LLC was founded in 2009.

Teammates for life, Matt and Cindy Orley live and work in Peninsula, OH.They strive to bring the absolute best value to their clients through extreme resourcefulness and broad experiences.

Matt Orley
Design and Development

The number one lesson that I learned while in college studying electrical engineering, was that PRESENTATION MATTERS.  Yes that sounds silly, but amidst all of the math, coding, and circuit work, it stands out.

Having given up engineering for Lent in the early 2000s, and having had stints in the wallcovering world designing mega-wall murals and selling electronics to rubber band factories (no, really) Cindy and I started Remarkable Team LLC and offered creative services to small and medium size businesses.

I love cycling, I am an avid reader, and no one ever plays Scrabble with me because I am just too awesome.

But what makes my kids think I am cool?I like to take my crayons, markers and paper to conferences, sales meetings, brainstorming sessions and more as Big Paper and work as a live illustrator.

Cindy Orley
Copy and Content

Founder and lead writer of Akron’s Top Blog, I focus on engaging my readers every day through written content, photos, video and social media.  The AkronOhioMoms blog has roughly 6,000 articles and has been live since 2007.

Clients hire me to deliver content, recipes and video, as well as for my six week social media jump start program.