Giveaway Countdown Widget

Image of Software Box for the Giveaway Countdown WordPress widget /  pluginGiveaway Countdown Version 1.9 is a WordPress plugin working as a widget used to showcase giveaways- replacing time consuming giveaway management with simple features like: Giveaway Countdown Widget

  • Giveaway Display in Sidebar – no more adding manually to a widget.
  • Auto Calculating “Days Left to Enter”- You and Your readers will never again wonder what giveaway is ending soon!
  • Utilizes the post thumbnail WordPress feature- Make images easy- the WordPress way.
  • Counts post comments and displays them as entries- Show site visitors entry/comment count (OPTIONAL )
  • 2 Column and 1 Column Options – you decide which fits your blog best
  • Rafflecopter OK- The plugin works independent of Rafflecopter and other giveaway javascript inserts, and has no problems running concurrently.

It’s easy to use, loads in seconds, contains no advertisement links, and does not require any load time from Rafflecopter or other sites.

Make your blog look spectacular and save yourself hours- for only $24 $15!!

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  • Even Easier Widget Setup with version 1.9
  • Easy to manage (all management happens within your posts)
  • Calendar Date Entry on Post Editor
  • Its compact and uses one or two entries per line- with images
  • Choose from the single column view or two column view – selected in the widget control panel.
  • Act now or you will spend another day wondering which of your giveaways is up for drawing, and not knowing which one is low entries.
  • Really, get in the game and be a top giveaway blogger, and look professional with this plugin.
  • Cross Promote your giveaways on every page!

What does the Giveaway Countdown Widget Look Like? utilizes the Giveaway Countdown right in our sidebar. We have full control of what posts are showing (sometimes we leave the high entry ones up for extra weeks!) and we keep it always refreshed with new giveaways.What does a giveaway counter look like Place the widget into your sidebar or your footer. It is designed to match the width of your sidebar automatically and sets its size based on the percentage of the space needed for each column- making it work for nearly any sidebar width. If you need to make it fit your blog, there is some embedded CSS inside the plugin file, so if you or your designer are comfortable with CSS, feel free to edit to fit! Once the plugin is loaded, you will set it up to work in your WordPress back end by adding the associated widget to your sidebar. Pictured on the Right.


What is new in Version 1.9 of the Giveaway Countdown?

  • Dedicated Giveaway Short Name input box and Date Pickers on Each Post!
  • Do Not Show Expired Giveaways if you so desire.
  • Category ID is selected via a Dropdown of all available categories!
  • Select # of Columns to show on the widget from within the plugin! (Version 1.5)
  • Choose to show or NOT to show your comment Count in the widget! (Version 1.5)
  • NO LONGER floods your database with unwanted records.

Who is using Giveaway Countdown?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

From Cindy, Lead Writer for Akron Ohio Mom

“The Countdown Giveaway Plugin is an easy, visual summary of all active contests with ending dates. I use it to excite people about new and closing giveaways. It also promotes active contests to potential sponsors with associated contest entries. “

From Marina Murphy, My Busy Children Blog

This is the most amazing widget I have ever used. Now my blog visitors can see all the giveaways in one place. Number of giveaway entries doubled on my blog since I installed the widget. The widget also helps me keep track of all the giveaways: I can see in one place number of entries and days left for each giveaway. I love that it shows pictures of the prizes in addition to the descriptions. The widget is super easy to install and use. I would never imagine going back to hosting giveaways without this widget.

From Jennifer Williams, Mommys Hangout Blog

Thank you so much for this widget! I have been looking every where for something like this. Now I don’t have to spend extra time writing and changing HTML on the sidebar for current giveaways! It was very easy to set up. I was up and running in 5 mins! This widget is a must have for all review and giveaway bloggers like myself!


What Can I Set in the Widget?

There are several properties that you need to set in the Widget itself. These are:

  • Widget Title
  • Category Name
  • No# of Items
  • TimeZone Offset
  • No# Columns
  • Show Comments/Entries yes/no

Full Instructions for setup are included with your purchase.


How does the Widget know I have Giveaways?

In the widget setup parameters, you set a category in which you keep all LIVE giveaways. As you write each giveaway post, you will find an area under the post editor window where you will setup the name of the prize to be displayed, and the date that the contest ends.

Minimum Requirements

Giveaway Countdown works with WordPress 3.6.x


Giveaway Countdown Support

Need some help? Contact the developer at matt %@% (Yes, that’s one of the AkronOhio husbands) We’re here to help and assist you all the way through the process. Have a special need and want us to modify the code, or, create a NEW plugin? We’d be happy to speak with you! Support is generally offered within the hour of request.

How does this come from AkronOhioMoms?

The Giveaway Countdown plugin was created for the specific needs of AkronOhioMoms. The result is a plugin MADE for Mommy Blogs and delivered exactly as specified for a mommy blog. The Remarkable Team a.k.a. my wonderful husband developed this plugin. The Remarkable Team develops blogs, websites, and custom code for a variety of customers.